Using Tanning Beds During Pregnancy

Many women understandably have concerns about using tanning beds during pregnancy. Experts often disagree about the risks of ultraviolet light, even for those who are not pregnant. If you're confused by the conflicting information, this article may clear up some issues as it discusses the basics of UV light, the effects of UV light over time, why you might want to achieve golden skin while pregnant, and some precautions you should take, including using tanning bed lotion.

Why You Might Want To Tan When Pregnant

Even though others see a beautiful glow, many pregnant women tend to feel unattractive. As their bodies change and expand with the baby's growth, some women just feel like unappealing. Getting a golden tan helps many women feel better about their looks, lifting their spirits, and giving themselves a little self-esteem boost.

Another reason why you might want to tan is to stay healthy. Researchers have long known the UVB rays of the sun are instrumental in synthesizing the production of vitamin D. Responsible for helping to prevent diabetes, defending against gum disease, and encouraging the absorption of calcium, researchers also believe vitamin D can help defend against osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease.

While the sun is our natural source of UVB, managing the level of exposure is difficult. This is why many pregnant women prefer to use tanning beds, especially at home.

The Effects Of Exposure To UV Light

Many people worry that exposure to UV light can hurt an unborn child because of the radiation emitted by tanning beds. When discussing this issue, it's crucial to realize that radiation comes in many different forms that vary in impact and intensity. While most people know that computers and cell phones emit radiation, few realize that magazines, smoke detectors, and (believe it or not) bananas also give off radiation. UV light is yet another source of radiation.

No studies have been able to substantially prove that radiation from UV light will pose a risk to an unborn child. Actually, UV rays produced by tanning beds don't have the ability to penetrate deeply enough into the skin to cause harm except in the case of overexposure, just as staying out in the sun too long poses a risk.

Tanning Bed Lotion And Other Precautions

While this practice is considered safe for pregnant women, there are a few recommended steps that will prepare the body for exposure to UV light. First, it is extremely important to stay hydrated, especially during the first trimester, so make sure you drink plenty of water. In addition, using a good tanning bed lotion along with limiting your exposure to UV rays is recommended to avoid sunburn and overheating the body. As overheating and an excessive rise in body temperature can pose a great risk to an unborn child, make sure you don't get too hot.

Exposure to UV light from tanning beds can cause potential risks for an unborn child, but usually only in the case of overexposure, as is also the case with overexposure to sunlight. By taking a few precautions and getting the approval of your physician, you should be able to enjoy it without the risk of harming your baby.


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