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Using Tanning Beds During Pregnancy

Many women understandably have concerns about using tanning beds during pregnancy. Experts often disagree about the risks of ultraviolet light, even for those who are not pregnant. If you're confused by the conflicting information, this article may clear up some issues as it discusses the basics of UV light, the effects of UV light over time, why you might want to achieve golden skin while pregnant, and some precautions you should take, including using tanning bed lotion. Why You Might Want To Tan When PregnantEven though others see a beautiful glow, many pregnant women tend to feel unattractive. As their bodies change and expand with the baby's growth, some women just feel like unappealing. Getting a golden tan helps many women feel better about their looks, lifting their spirits, and giving themselves a little self-esteem boost. Another reason why you might want to tan is to stay healthy. Researchers have long known the UVB rays of the sun are instrumental in synthesizing the production of vitamin D. Respo...


Using Sunblock to Prevent Skin Problems

Some people are under the mistaken assumption that the only time to use sunscreen is on especially hot and sunny days. The truth is that anytime that we're out in the sun, the sun's rays are having a negative impact on our skin. There is a constant barrage of ultraviolet light that can cause our skin to age before it's time, and it can lead to more serious skin problems in the long term. Even on days when it's not all that hot outside, it is a good idea to use sunscreen.With that said, sunscreen is still most needed when a person is spending a day out in the sun, especially if they're trying to tan. This is when there is the biggest risk of sunburn, which is a direct result of intense sun exposure. It's important to understand how to choose the right sunscreen for the job. SPF, or sun protection factor, is the rating system that is used to determine the strength of a sunscreen. Usually, a minimum sun protection factor of 15 is recommended for tanning or prolonged sun exposure. However, much more powerful leve...


Sensitive Skin Care Routine

Sensitive skin can be a very annoying condition to have to live with. Even the smallest things can lead to severe irritation of the skin. Even basic skin care products like moisturizers cause a severe sting and can leave behind nasty rashes. Shaving or otherwise removing is pretty much impossible without causing major side effects. Even just being outdoors at the wrong time or without the proper protection can lead to severe problems. People suffering form sensitive skin must come up with an effective routine to ensure that their skin stays healthy. The first step in building a good sensitive skin care routine is to switch out the products that you use. There are various soaps and other skin care products that are formulated specially for people with sensitive skin. The fewer ingredients that a product has the better it will be for sensitive skin. If there are few ingredients, then there's a lower chance of harsh chemicals that will inflame the skin. Soaps and other products that are fragrant or have deodori...


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